About Us

Outrate Rubbish Removal Brisbane is a small company.  We’re a local business that loves to work close with our clients to provide the best customer service.  We really value our customers whether you’ve hired us for a one-time rubbish removal or you’re a regular customer with daily rubbish removal service.

  • Our prices are competitive; we work with the amount of rubbish that you’re producing.  If you’re a large producer of rubbish, we’ll get you discounts that will help you manage your rubbish removal costs.  Don’t worry, we also offer great rates for those living in residential areas.  Our staff will listen to your needs and give you the best price for your rubbish removal.
  • We pride ourselves on fast and quality services.  If you order rubbish removal in the morning, we’ll make sure we get it by the end of the day.  If you call us in the afternoon, we’ll try to get the rubbish that day, or make it our first priority in the morning.  We deliver skip bins to you as needed and our staff is willing to advise you on the type of bin that best suits your waste needs.
  • Our staff is friendly and well informed.  They understand council regulation and make sure to help you meet those regulations without trouble.  From where to place your bin, to permits needed by the council.  You can ask our staff any questions you have about recycling, reusing or disposing hazardous materials.

We provide skip bins that handle the following types of Wastes:

  1. Domestic and Furniture Waste – We offer you skip bins to collect domestic waste, as long as it’s not wet and leaking.  Broken furniture, wooden shelves, and other waste that created through redecorating, spring-cleaning and garage sales.
  2. Commercial Waste – Our skip bins can help you manage any large wastes created at a construction site, at your place of business, an institution.  We’ll work with you to make you site clean and safe.

We help you with recycling.  You can sort out the rubbish before we come, or we can sort it for you.  Our staff can sort rubbish faster than you can pile it.  We’re ready to work with you in any capacity.  We’re located in Brisbane and work within that area.   Call us today for speedy rubbish removal.