Rubbish Removal Services

We are in an age where we churn out more rubbish than our environment can handle at any given time.  At Outrate, we take rubbish control seriously and we’ll respond to your call within the day or the next day, as promptly as we can.  We understand that your trash needs are diverse and our staff works with you, advising on the right skips to get for your rubbish collection.  Here’s a classification of some of the types of rubbish we collect:

  • Household Rubbish and Furnishings: This can include your old furniture, moving boxes, electronics like old radios, and garage junk.  We collect it all and make sure it’s disposed off correctly or sent to recycling.
  • Garden Foliage and Tree Trunks: When you clean up your garden, piles of shrub cuttings, grass, leaves and tree trunks cut into small pieces fall in this category.
  • Pull-Downs and Renovations: When you decide to make a change in your building, we’re right there to provide you with a means to clean-up with our Skips.  Pull-Downs are huge jobs that end up with plaster, old shelving, wallpaper, dry wall, and old cement blocks.  Renovations gain you loads of boxes, more cement, and wood shavings.  Our staff helps you get all that rubbish into an appropriate skip for collection.
  • Building Sites: Safety is important at construction sites.  Our staff will help you get a commercial skip bin that will allow you to place large pieces of concrete, bricks and rubble, wood, and all rubbish created by construction.
  • White goods and Kitchen Applications: We assist you to get rid of your refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners and any appliances no longer working in your home that you’re ready to part with.
  • Asbestos Waste: If you’re doing construction, you may run into Asbestos.  It requires special removal services, and it’s advisable to let us know before you put it in your skip bin.  Have a conversation with our staff, and they’ll assist you with your Asbestos Removal.

Rubbish Removal depends on your location.  Our rates are different for a residential place, a construction sight or a large commercial building.  The same way the rubbish varies with your location.  Talking to our staff will help you get the best deal for your rubbish removal.