Rubbish Removal Prices

Outrate Rubbish Removal Brisbane prides itself on competitive prices.  We offer you the more for your money, and provide customer service that will bring you a smile.  Our prices are discounted and fair, and tailored to your needs and the amount of waste you want to remove from your property.

Our rates are competitive, and inclusive of delivery of your skip bin to collection of your waste.  We provide a service, so we don’t have any hidden costs.  We respond to your request hours after you call, and make sure we remove your rubbish on time.

We provide you with different sizes of Skip Bins as follows:

  1. 2m3 Skip Bin – $175
  2. 3m3 Skip Bin – $255
  3. 4m3 Skip Bin – $300
  4. 5m3 Skip Bin – $ 385
  5. 6m3 Skip Bin – $420
  6. 9m3 Skip Bin – $500
  7. 10m3 Skip Bin – $585

Each Skip bin size depends on your type of waste.  The skip bin is delivered to your location and you keep it for as long as you’ve requested.

Rates depend on how far our clients are because of transport costs, but we also work to make sure our prices are competitive and fair to our clients.  Quotes also factor in how far a landfill is from your location.  Our staff finds the closest landfill to you for your non-recyclable waste to reduce your costs.

Your waste determines the size of the waste bin you hire.  Bigger bins often mean a larger volume of waste, which means we discount your rates to cater for this.  Our clients find it cheaper to get a bigger bin than a small one.

Outrate is flexible with the duration of time you need your skip bin.  Our standard time to keep the bin is one week.  But, if you need the bin for one week, more days or less than one week, we’ll work with you.

Talk to us about your waste.  We reward you for neat trash that means you’ve sorted, recyclable, and non-recycle waste.  Our staff is willing to help you decide what kind of bin you need, to make work easier for you as well us our rubbish collectors.

It is important to let us know about any hazardous rubbish.  For example Asbestos, in order for us to plan accordingly when it comes to transportation and disposal.