Dawson & Barebacking @ NIGHTCHARM


Over at Nightcharm is an excerpt from Tim Dean’s fabulous book Unlimited Intimacy. Here’s an excerpt of the excerpt:

After a scene in which Joe Sarge and Chris Neal both fuck and “breed” Dawson at his request, the camera silently pans to a weathered carving on one of the nearby trees, which reads “SAFE SEX 2002.” As he walks away, with the camera focused on his cum-filled butt, Dawson passes another slender tree, which bears the legend “SAFE SEX PINES ->.” Far from ignoring the safe-sex imperative, this film registers it only to consciously reject condom use and unabashedly celebrate semen ingestion. Behind the deliberate irony of these cuts, there may be an acknowledgment of the strange kinship between both words carved into a tree trunk and semen ejaculated into a rectum: both aspire to leave permanent traces; yet both must acknowledge the ultimate futility of their efforts to outpace mortality.

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