Junk Removal

Whenever you’re running a small project in your residence or your office, be it spring cleaning, light renovation, or moving in and out, you create a surplus of rubbish.  Boxes, old furniture, papers, old appliances and electronics, these are things that turn into a huge pile that needs a removal company in order to clean up.  Junk also accumulates in high population areas like apartment buildings, schools, and other institutions.  When you’re running extraordinary projects, like maintenance, or renovations, it’s easy for you to amass trash.  Hiring a mini skip bin and placing it in your premises will allow the clean up process to go easier.

The small size of the mini skip bin is manageable.  Our mini skip bins are made of strong, durable material that can handle large weights.  We place the skip bins in your yard or behind your office building for use during the clean-up process.  If you don’t have the space, we’ll help you place the bins on the driveway, or your garage.  Our staff will let you know if you need permits for any off-site placement of your skip bin.  We can also offer different skip bins for collection of different types of waste material.  Calling our staff, we’ll help you decide how many skips you need, depending on your wallet and your disposal needs.  You can hire the skip bin for a one-day job, or if you need it for a few days, we’ll work with you.

If you fill, the skip bin earlier than decided, make a call and we’ll empty it for you, replacing it with a new skip.  It is important to call our staff when your skip reaches over capacity.  Sometimes you need to reduce the amount of trash in your skip for regulation purposes.  Our staff will let you know the basics of how much you can put in a skip bin in order to meet council regulations during transportation.

We make junk removal easier for you, when all you have to worry about is the clean-up process.  Once you call us, we’ll help you with the disposal of your rubbish in a fast and timely manner.

Our rates are competitive, and we discount our prices for larger projects with more amounts of trash.  We give our clients our utmost attention, seeing to your needs personally.