What kind of waste do I put in my Skip Bin?

We take household waste like paper, old appliances, broken furniture, and garage waste, yard waste like cuttings, grass, and tree trunk pieces.  We’ll take most anything unless it’s Asbestos which we require special handling.  And if you have any hazardous material, it’s important to let us know.

How long will it take you to deliver my Skip Bin?

Once you make your call, and we’ve worked out your quote, expect your skip bin in the next few hours, but never more than 24 hours.  It shouldn’t take longer.

What are the prices of hiring your Skip Bins?

We give you quotes based on the amount of your rubbish, the size of the skip bin you need and the distance from our location.  We offer you the best price possible, and include discounts if your trash is sorted, and the frequency of our services to you.

How long can I keep my Skip Bin?

Our hiring duration is one week (7 days) but we’re flexible.  You can keep a bin for fewer days, with the same quote, or more days depending on your agreement with our staff.  Call us and we’ll plan with you.

Can I call you if my Skip Bin is overflowing?

Yes, you may call us to get your bin replaced for a new one.  We advice you not to let your skip bin over flow due to transportation regulation.

Do I need a permit for my Skip Bin?

You only need a permit when your Skip Bin is on council property, when it’s blocking the footpath, when it’s not on your property.  Let us know the space you have for your skip bin, and we’ll handle the permits for you.

What is Commercial Waste?

Commercial waste is any rubbish generated at a place of business, or construction site.  You need a large commercial skip bin for removal, and this kind of waste include blocks of plaster wood, timber, rubble, waste from customers in the hospitality industry, factory wastes, manufactured waste.

How do I Hire a Skip Bin from Outrate Rubbish Removal Brisbane?

Give us a call, and our staff will get your details.  They’ll help you choose the right Skip Bin for your rubbish.  You’ll make your payment and we’ll deliver your Skip Bin right away.